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The development of 95 Rituals, honoring Anna Halprin, is just starting to clear the logistics/planning/organizing hump and, in my mind/wish, moving over (or back to) the intentions and physicalization process.  At this moment in time, I am gathering the inspirations, points of departure, looking for the soul of our endeavor.

The research is moving to art forms and ways of thinking that are not about dance (directly or overtly).

Pauline Oliveros has something to say that I agree with:

“… I was involved in improvisatory works and trying to find ways so that I would not know how to make sounds. That was a stimulus. But at the same time I found myself making intentional sounds. I was intending to make a certain kind of music. However, I gradually became more and more interested in the process of listening, and there came a time when I was no longer improvising, but I was attending to the task.”

Pauline Oliveros, from “Music with Roots in the Aether” by Robert Ashley, pg. 133



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