Dance on Land: Becoming: July 22-28

Dance on Land, 2018

Imagination changes the quality of what you do and opens a field of unexpected actions.  At the same time, noticing what IS leads to inexhaustible possibilities. Trust your body. Connect to the expansive space that is your personal/universal environment this July 22-28, 2018 at the 12th annual Dance on Land, Becoming, on the Lost Coast of California. In this intensive workshop, led by Shinichi and Dana Iova-Koga, develop your sensorial mind and creative responsiveness through rigorous physical and improvisational training rooted in Noguchi Taiso, Body Weather Training, Action Theater and Qigong exercises. Immerse yourself in diverse environments- forests, river, ocean and field, to study both the patterns inherent in these environments as well as the responses your body. Then return to the dance studio to analyze and digest the experiences of the body in the wild.

Morning meditations will be led by Amy Rathbone.  Communal meals in the outdoor kitchen, time around the fire, and periods for quiet reflection and small group outings will provide opportunities for rest and rejuvenation.

To watch more short videos about Dance on Land (documented 2009, 2013, 2014, 2016) please visit:


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