Dan Rathbun

Dan Rathbun is a musician, instrument builder, and sculptor of sound. Having spent 12 years as a core member of the rock circus “Idiot Flesh” and 8 with “Charming Hostess” he now plays with Sleepytime Gorilla Museum. Sleepytime employs several of his self-made musical instruments. Dan co-owns Polymorph Recording and has produced and recorded countless CD’s and records in a wide range of styles. Dan has worked with Shinichi Iova-Koga since 1996 and is a founding member of the performance collective known as inkBoat. His mission with inkBoat is to employ his knowledge of sound reproduction technology to create instruments and sound generation devices, which inspire the imagination visually, sonically, and choreographically.


Idiot flesh: final album; upcoming— producion, engineering, composition, playing
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum:”Of natural science” upcoming—producion, engineering, composition, playing
Charming hostess:”Punch” upcoming—producion, engineering, playing
Faun Fables:”Transit Rider” upcoming—producion, engineering, playing
Faun Fables:”FamilySongs” 2004—producion, engineering,
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum:”LIVE” 2003—producion, engineering, composition, playing
Jewlia Isenberg’s “Trilectic” 2002—producion, engineering,
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum:”Grand opening and closing” 2001—producion, engineering, composition, playing
Idiot Flesh: Fancy: 1997—producion, engineering, composition, playing
Charming Hostess: Eat: 1997 —producion, engineering, playing
Idiot Flesh: “Twitch”: 1996—producion, engineering, composition, playing
Idiot Flesh: The Nothing Show: 1995—producion, engineering, composition, playing
Idiot Flesh:”tales of instant knowledge and sure death” 1991—producion, engineering, composition, playing
Acid Rain: “We Were All Very Worried”:1986—producion, composition, playing


He has composed, sound designed, performed, built set pieces and instruments for the following companies and shows:
Faun Fables: Transit Rider
inkBoat: Onion
inkBoat: Cockroach
inkBoat: Falling Dust (performances in Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, and San Francisco): 1999
inkBoat: Rubber Dogs (Yerba Buena Gardens, SF): 1999
inkBoat: Onion Sketch (Theatre of Yugen, SF): 1999
Jo Kreiter: Fly (Theatre Artaud, SF): 1999
Uro Teatr Koku: Dying, Laughing (various SF Bay Area performances): 1997
Uro Teatr Koku: Desert Body (various SF Bay Area performances): 1996
Uro Teatr Koku: Mother’s Tongue (site specific performance, SF Street Festival): 1996
Uro Teatr Koku: Mizu (Yerba Buena Gardens): 1996