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Taught by Dana Iova-Koga

Certified Level 1 Instructor by MovNat®

Until relatively recently, being able to move effectively through the environment was critical for human survival. In our present time the need for us to move for food, clothing, shelter and safety has all but disappeared. Yet while the means of securing our most basic needs has changed, our human biology and physiology has not. Our bodies still require a great deal of movement in order to maintain health and equilibrium.

In this class, we move through the foundational MovNat curriculum and play with some of the most innate and essential movements for the human body- squatting, crawling, different ways of sitting on the ground, getting up from the ground with ease and grace, hanging, lifting, throwing, catching and jumping. By re-visiting these movements (because we could probably all do them as kids) will will develop strength, functional mobility, connectivity within the body, proprioception, and attunement to the relationship between body and environment. Emphasis will be placed on how to incorporate these moments into every day life, and how to re-contextualize inherent, yet often dormant, human movement patterns.

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