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taught by Shinichi Iova-Koga

Saturday, September 30 (10:30AM -3:30PM)

Sunday, October 1 (1:00PM-4:00PM)

Western Sky Studio, Berkeley, California

This workshop integrates feeling states with physical movement to develop that elusive yet palpable quality known as presence.

The unknown invites a response. Disciplined explorations, deconstructions and compositions develop the skills for clear, decisive and depthful responses to each offering.

Content emerges through our relationship to the unfolding process. Sensory, energetic and mind-state information transforms into actions. Through differentiating between intention and attention, we refine the palette of the experience. ‘Intention’ often has an objective, a goal. Clarity emerges. ‘Attention’ allows the mind and body to follow the changes as they transform, without expectation. Adaptation to patterns of mind and action keep the dance on edge.

The multi-faceted human being emerges with humor, darkness, wildness and subtlety.

Commitment to the moment encourages myriad pathways to arise.

(photo by Chris Waikiki)

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