Stillness, Flowing, Crackling: physical theater workshop in Luzern, Switzerland

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In this dance/movement/physical theater workshop we will play with the polarities of deep internal listening and the external, extended relationships between the body, partners and the environment.

The modalities we will employ will be Qi Gong, Japanese Avant-Garde performance practices and Action Theater.

November 17, 18, 19

Friday: 6pm – 8:30pm
Saturday: 9am – 12noon.  2pm-5pm.
Sunday: 9am-12noon.  2pm-5pm.

Teachers: Shinichi and Dana Iova-Koga

With Qi Gong we tune into the energy/information that animates us. We train ourselves to be more sensitive to the forces contained within us. Working with focused awareness on stretching, breathing and slow fluid movements we practice inward listening. Stillness.

Japanese Avant-Garde disciplines, such as Body Weather Training and Noguchi Taiso, open the door to shaping physicality and utilizing imagery to elicit movements. From a state of attentive listening we expand our dynamism.  Flowing.

Ruth Zaporah’s Action Theater hones in on awareness, following the moment by moment revelation of physical and verbal content. Action Theater relates the inner and outer body experience to other participants and the space through scores and exercises designed to speed up the decision-making process and the range of possibilities existing within an improvisation.  Crackling.

ZEBU Tanzstudios
Grimelsweg 3, 6003, Luzern

Cost of workshop:
200 CHF
(option to do Friday evening only for 35 CHF)

to register please contact Dana Iova-Koga: [email protected]


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