“Unfolding” a Mentorship program with Dana

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“Orchid in the windowsill” by Dana

What is the sensation of a creative idea becoming manifest? Or the passage from one phase of life to another? The movement from one choice to another? How to describe the phenomenon of happening upon a solution to a problem? Or a journey from one question to the next? To me, the most befitting word to describe these experiences is- Unfolding. Here are just some of the synonyms that come up for Unfolding in Merriam-Webster:

Opening, spreading out, stretching out, unfurling, expanding, extending, developing, elaborating, evolving, blossoming, growing, maturing, ripening, materializing, emerging, playing out, blooming, burgeoning, efflorescing, appearing, coming out, showing, showing up, turning up.

Yes! Yes to all of that. These are things that I am interested in spending time with and these are things I would like to support others in researching. Unfolding is what we are doing in this mentorship.

The kernel of this unfolding process is Creativity, as it applies to movement and the body, to ways of thinking, to problem solving, to our relationships, to our communication, to what we make, to the roles we play, to how we listen and respond to our environment, to how we inhabit time. It is suitable for anyone who is curious about the process of their own unfolding. The support is tailored to you and what you need and ask for. We work together to figure out the best rhythm for our process. I work one-on-one or in small groups. The curriculum works with intentionally universal principles, meaning that it can be applied to any course of study, work or research you are involved in. What do you want to unfold?

To find out more, or if you have questions or ideas and are wondering if this could be right for you I offer a free consultation call. Please reach out to me at [email protected]

Individual offering:

  • One-on-one sessions of 1 or 1.5 hours
  • Supplementary support materials and assignments as per your request
  • Ongoing conversations/follow ups
  • Flexible scheduling options, for example:
  • A one time thing~ Do you need a dose of new ideas, perspectives or a sounding board?
  • Regular sessions such as once monthly~ Wanting support with extended inquiries and research?
  • Intensive- a few sessions over a shorter period of time~ Looking for guidance or feedback on a specific project of vision?
  • Sliding scale, please contact me for pricing information
  • 15% discount if you book 5 or more sessions

Group offering:

  • For small groups of 2-4 people
  • An intimate community of support and exchange
  • Lecture/discussions
  • Assignments (always optional)
  • Opportunities to share work if you choose
  • Ongoing check in/conversations with me
  • Sliding scale, please contact me for pricing information

To book a session, an informational call or if you have any questions please contact: [email protected] For more information about me and my practices, you can see my bio here

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