inkBoat is a 501c3 non-profit, a family business and a labor of love. Donations are tax-deductible.

“Ann Carlson is a conceptual artist who uses gesture, text and humor to break your heart.” – William Harris, New York Times

inkBoat has joined forces with Ann Carlson to make a new performance work in these shaken times. 

“These are the Ones We Fell Among” is a very different project for us, pushing us into a fair amount of words… yes, we’re actually speaking, something we’ve been a little shy of doing in past productions.

Ann Carlson is directing this work with Dana and Shinichi performing as a duet. Also working on this project are 20+ year inkBoat collaborators: composers Carla Kihlstedt and Shahzad Ismaily, lighting designer Allen Willner and set designer Frank Lee.

“These are the Ones We Fell Among” responds to the pandemic, to extinction, to love and to the rights and experiences of human and non-human persons, informed by the movement, behavior, metaphors and mythologies surrounding earth’s largest land mammal: the elephant. It dives into the absurd and the playful and collides at the edges of quandary and uncertainty. With rhythm and rhyme, jump cutting time, the performers inhabit a circus world, a cave, an underworld, and multiple parallel universes. The absurd, cruel and curious settings they visit reflect captivity, domestic behavior and loss.

The New York Times article “A ‘Great Cultural Depression’ Looms for Legions of Unemployed Performers” gives some context to us within the field we work in. Normally, we’ve been able to work with foundations for the support of our performance works. But now, we truly need your support. It’s tough for us and everyone in the performing arts field right now. Money is tough. Asking is tough. And through all the weirdness of this time, we have been hard at work crafting this project both for the stage and the screen. Our stage premiere is set for ODC Theater in November 2021. And through our experience rehearsing over Zoom, the screen has become an additional venue.

The Costs:

Your support covers time for the team to work. To create something like this takes a lot of energy and time. The compositions, the crafting of material, the lighting, the sets… all taking the devotion of professional artists.
Dance studios and sound recording studios are necessary to realize this work.

Material expenses. We want to build a tent… a large and beautiful tent within which our small distorted circus world will unfold. We need costumes and props. We need fireproof straw. 

Whatever you can give, cash or well-wishes, will most certainly aid us in this response, what we can do right now as artists.

We wish you and yours health and resiliency and thank you for your consideration.