to this day i’m not sure it happened

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And to this day I’m not sure it didn’t happen.

During an improvisation where Jason and I were layering a small, dark sonic background against Shin and Dohee’s movement, Dana asked me to start telling a story into the mic. I launched, and it still takes me a little by surprise that I launched, into a story from my childhood that I had never told before. I knew it had everything to do with that ambiguity between sleep and wakefulness, the powerful reality dreams can insist upon us, but everyone listening that day did not. They were hearing it for the first time and it occurred to me they thought I was insane.

A couple months later I went over to tell the story to Beth Lisick, who listens to people telling stories all the time. We kind of got involved in the telling, and she boiled all the water out of a pot tasked with cooking an artichoke, teetering into that territory where you set the kitchen on fire.


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