getting there

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inkBoat’s rehearsal week at the Headlands is drawing to a close. The back and forth has become a process ritual: deciding which bridge to approach from, and whether to circle in from the south or take the north tunnel. The tunnel is about as about as obvious a line between as you might envision, a line you can, well, you know, drive a car through.

FM signals still disappear altogether in the tunnel, something I love to listen to as a palate cleanser before sitting down to the audio rig in the gymnasium.

This version has a sonic overlay: all the sounds we’ve been recombining, pulling some to the front, pushing others back so far they leave the show entirely. I’m making small pieces from those sounds, so as not to forget them.

[ If you instinctively invoked a birth metaphor, you’re still on the right track. Stay tuned for news. ]


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