Without Us (video: load in: work in progress no. 1)

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For the work in progress of WITHOUT US, Max Baloian and Kat Covell captured some moments of our load in at CounterPULSE.

Combining site-specific installation, sound composition, movement and text, “Without Us” begins with extensive research into the ecological histories of two sites in California- one urban (San Francisco) and the other rural (Mattole Valley). The primary focus of our inquiry will be how those areas have been affected by human presence. Forecasting beyond our initial studies in California, we will be investigating and performing at sites in other American states, Europe, Japan, Korea and beyond. Additionally, we will be creating a stand-alone video component for each site as well as site-specific booklets of text and photography. From planning to research to trial to conclusion, we will be engaging with the local communities to ask: what is the history of the land we inhabit? How has our presence changed it? What would happen if we left it alone?

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