Dance on Land

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for all bodies who wish to create artful play between raw, earthy elements to personal expression and development
taught by Shinichi Iova-Koga and Dana Iova-Koga

Imagination changes the quality of what you do and opens a field of unexpected actions.  At the same time, noticing what IS leads to inexhaustible possibilities. Trust your body. Connect to the expansive space that is your personal/universal environment at Dance on Land, located on the Lost Coast of California. In this intensive workshop, led by Shinichi and Dana Iova-Koga, develop your sensorial mind and creative responsiveness through rigorous physical and improvisational training rooted in Noguchi Taiso, Body Weather Training, Dao Yin, Action Theater, Yang Shen Gong and Qigong exercises. Immerse yourself in diverse environments- forests, river, ocean and field, to study both the patterns inherent in these environments as well as the responses your body. Then return to the dance studio to analyze and digest the experiences of the body in the wild.

*only available in the summer months, typically taught in Northern California

Dance on Land 2016
Dance on Land 2014
Dance on Land 2013
Dance on Land 2009

*inkGround in California is situated within a patchwork of diverse and stunning ecosystems- forest, river, pasture, mountains, ocean, and from these intertwining landscapes we and our workshop participants/guests receive much inspiration and rejuvenation.

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