The Storm in My House

About the Performance

The Storm in My House excavates the perceived lines between peoples, lands and values. We cannot know the outcome. We question and embody what can be done to survive, live in a home, be kind, play and embrace the changes that will come. We also ask for grace as we face the storm.

Inside the performance you will find the song maker, the twisted dancer, the listener and the interplay of darkness and the light that defines it. There is despair. There is hope.

The Artistic Team

Shinichi Iova-Koga

Suki O’Kane and Kamerin McDonald

Artistic Advisors
Dana Iova-Koga
Amy Rathbone

Video Links
5th Storm, work in progress at CounterPulse
3rd Storm, work in progress at Neubad
2nd Storm, work in progress at Grace Cathedral
1st Storm, work in progress at Chäslager

Article Link
Luzerner Zeitung article

The world premiere of The Storm in My House  at San Francisco International Arts Festival 2020 was developed through a residency at Universe 9 in Hergiswil, Switzerland and Albany Bulb, CA and has been supported by swissnex, CASH grant, California Art Council, Sam Mazza Foundation and CounterPulse.

Fifth Storm

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