Koga Internal Arts: Dao Yin and Qi Gong

This training focuses on the interconnected nature of soft tissues (including fascia), muscle, bone and the various regions of the body to promote vitality and strength, following classical principles, such as Song (松) and Ting (聽).

Instructor: Shinichi Iova-Koga
Authorized Qi Gong – Level 1 Instructor with Lotus Nei Gong

Dao Yin works by opening and stretching the channels of the body so that they are enabled to cleanse themselves and develop a more resilient, strong and healthy system. Much of the physical activity involves spiral motion, extension and the connecting of various body centers to the limbs, promoting awareness of energetic channels within the body and the opening of joints and tissues. Shinichi instructs the Dragon and Wu Dao Yin forms.

Qi Gong follows these principles: enhance blood flow, open the channels of the body, strengthen the flow of Qi throughout the body. To begin, we work with the Qi already in the body by awakening and developing the strength of the lower Dan Tian. This begins by increasing the circulation within the body to move and pressurize the Qi. Changing the quality of the Qi will change the quality of the body. This change requires correct alignment of bones, relaxing external muscles, sinking weight effectively and allowing soft, connective tissues to change under stress. Shinichi instructs the Ji Ben and Wu Xing Qi Gong forms.

Together, the Dao Yin and Qi Gong forms and principles work to both clear the channels and nourish the Qi within the body.

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