Elemental Vessel Qi Gong

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Taught by Dana Iova-Koga

Certified Qi Gong teacher by Holden Qigong

The most basic translation of Qi Gong is “skill with energy, developed over time.” As such it is a broad term that is applied to countless forms of physical practices, most of which address some combination of goals concerning health, spirituality or martial applications. Qi Gong has its roots in ancient Chinese Shamanic, Taoist and Buddhist practices. 

By  practicing movement through physical forms while simultaneously focusing the mind we can find greater awareness of our inner state, bring the nervous system into balance, promote better circulation of fluids and energy in the body and find ease of mobility and alignment.

Qi Gong is one of the primary resources included in my collection of physical practices and perspectives that I call Elemental Vessel. For more about Elemental Vessel please go HERE.

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