Mobility Series for Online Training

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Shinichi teaching

Each class in the mobility series will have a different emphasis: Circulation, Loosening, Alignment and Kinetic Chain. All focused on physical vitality, alignment and resiliency. The three classes will share common exercises as well as offering differences.

Next series date TBA

Circulation: Primarily, we’ll be engaging in Yang Sheng Gong practice, a practice designed to soften the body, develop functional flexibility and promote general health by increasing the power of the immune system, strengthening connective tissue, tendons and joints and increasing the flow of Qi, blood and subtle fluids. Lung resiliency develops through breathing techniques (Tu Gu Na Xin). Standing meditation postures help cultivate internal energy and regulation of the mind and consciousness by uniting movement and stillness.
Yang Sheng Gong reduces stress, tension and anxiety; celebrates breath; opens brachial pathways; clears stagnation; expels toxins; develops balance and coordination; oxygenates the muscles; promotes healthy organ function; regulates the nervous system.

Loosening: In addition to a standard mobility series present in all these classes, we’ll be drawing from Noguchi Taiso and martial arts practices, encouraging a natural and free movement for the body to release unnecessary tension to create the conditions for movement to naturally arise. This naturalness promotes a more energy-efficient and fluid state through which impulses can travel through the body with minimal resistance.
As part of the practice, we discover how thoughts and the mind’s attention can change the quality of the physical form.

Alignment: In addition to a standard mobility series present in all these classes, we’ll put more emphasis here on following natural body mechanics. As well, martial arts practices and trainings from Aikido and Gong Fu basics will be involved here to develop connectivity of tissues through proper alignment and sequencing of movement. Expect to sweat.

Kinetic Chain: The cause and effect of movement through the body, moving from interior to exterior expression. Various dance and martial arts practices folded into this training.


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