Yang Sheng Gong / 養生功

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Physical tune-up for health and longevity open to all levels and body types
taught by Wudang West (Switzerland): Shinichi Iova-Koga & Dana Iova-Koga, authorized by Wudang West / David Wei.

Yang Sheng Gong includes a series of physical exercises designed to soften the body, develop functional flexibility and promote general health by increasing the power of the immune system, strengthening connective tissue, tendons and joints and increasing the flow of qi, blood and subtle fluids. Lung resiliency develops through a variety of breathing techniques. Standing meditation postures help cultivate internal energy and regulation of the mind and consciousness by uniting movement and stillness. Yang Sheng Gong reduces stress, tension and anxiety; celebrates breath; opens brachial pathways; clears stagnation; expels toxins;develops balance and coordination; oxygenates the muscles; promotes healthy organ function; regulates the nervous system.

With the presumption that we are an integral part of nature, we enter the training space with integrity, humility and sincerity and then return to our everyday life with more alertness and awareness of our own health and interactions with others.

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