2018 Workshops

May 5: Shinichi teaches: Imagined Space & The Quotidian Body, NOW! Festival, Berlin
June 2, 3: Sten and Shinichi teach: Improvisation workshop: Mime Centrum, Berlin
June 13, 14, 15: Shinichi teaches: Sharpening the Water Body: SOAK Festival, New York
July 1, 2: Cassie, Niki and Shinichi teach: Action Theater Workshop: the unexpected body / word & action: University of Colorado at Boulder
July 7: Shinichi teaches: Within Stillness: Western Sky Studio, Berkeley
July 22-28: Dana and Shinichi teach: Dance on Land: Mattole Valley, California


Shinichi Iova-Koga
Shinichi is the Artistic Director of the physical theater and dance company inkBoat, founded in 1998. The winner of 5 San Francisco “Izzie” awards, inkBoat has performed throughout North America, Europe, South Korea and Japan. He and his wife Dana Iova-Koga conduct an annual workshop (“Dance on Land”) exploring dance in uncultivated environments. Shinichi is the editor of the book “95 Rituals.” He has taught primarily at Mills College, and at Stanford University, UC Davis, University of Utah, UC Riverside, UC Berkeley, SF State University and Anna Halprin’s Mountain Home Studio.  He is a certified teacher of Action Theater™.  His current practice includes Noguchi Taiso, Qi Gong, Noh Theater, Shakuhachi and Aikido.  His mentors include Anna Halprin (Dance Maker), Ruth Zaporah (Action Theater) and Ralph Lemon (Dance Maker).  

Dana Iova-Koga

Training Modules

Form No Form

taught by Shinichi Iova-Koga

Through the repetition of form, we train our bodies to achieve balance, internal and external connectivity and precision. In this workshop, various proposals and exercises are presented that both establish and disrupt physical form to engage the principles that lay underneath our practice. We work rigorously to disrupt and embrace habits. Physical puzzles, deep listening and engaged physical conversations promote attentive listening.

Japan Avant-Garde: Form and Technique

taught by Shinichi Iova-Koga

In the 1960’s, the avant-garde arts in Japan flourished in an atmosphere of protest and civil dis-obedience.  At that moment in Japan’s history agrarian transformed to urban, small neighborhoods were replaced by high-rises and Japanese identity was confusingly intertwined with American values and cultural transformation.  Within this bewildering environment, performing arts such as Butoh Dance and Tadashi Suzuki’s theater emerged, touching on and deconstructing the extremes between Western modern dance and Japanese traditional arts (such as Noh Theater and Kabuki). 

This workshop will examine some of the avant-garde forms that emerged from that potent epoch.  The training will encourage physical and mental receptivity, a reduction of contracted muscles and awareness of minute bodily adjustments and interior textures. We will employ imagistic practices utilized in Butoh Dance with attention to water body metaphors found in Noguchi Taiso. Sharp physical engagement and precision will be addressed through Body Weather exercises and Tadashi Suzuki’s Method of Training.

Our aim is to integrate polarities within the body, the inside/outside, left/right, head/toe, visceral/refined, image/sensate.  This builds a coherent body ready to embrace the chaotic stream of the subconscious.

Improvisation (Action Theater)

taught by Shinichi Iova-Koga

This is a practice for living well.  Every step, word and action extends an invitation to surrounding bodies. The cultivation of internal feeling states and the play of timing relationships become compositions in real time. We cultivate the 3rd-Eye (outside observer) view. A body in space stands in relationship to everything. Interruptions and unexpected actions are welcomed.  We learn to say “yes” to the situation that alters feeling and to the feeling that alters the situation. 

The material presented is rooted in Action Theater, an embodied improvisation practice pioneered by Ruth Zaporah.  In her words, this practice “incorporates the disciplined exploration of embodied exercises that lead to increased skills of strong, clear, spontaneous, and artful communication. Action Theater addresses and expands the vocabularies of expression including: movement, vocalization, and speech. Action Theater is a tool to examine one’s perceptive and responsive process, bringing awareness to and thereby disempowering distracting thoughts of self-obsessions, fears, judgments and analysis.” 

Participants are asked to commit to the unknown. We will move, sound and speak in duets, solos and groups.  Wear loose clothing and be prepared to shed your planning mind.

Dance on Land

taught by Shinichi and Dana Iova-Koga

Our teaching is a series of embodied investigations in listening.  How can a blade of grass blowing in the wind, a mountain stream, a pebble beach all become our master teachers? How can we train our sensitivities and perceptions so that we are more receptive to the landscape we inhabit, resulting in an alternative way to address the physics and mechanics of movement.



inkGround is situated within a patchwork of diverse and stunning ecosystems- forest, river, pasture, mountains, ocean, and from these intertwining landscapes we and our workshop participants/guests receive much inspiration and rejuvenation.

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Dance on Land, inkGround, Shinichi Iova-Koga, Dana Iova-Koga

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Dance on Land, inkGround, Shinichi Iova-Koga, Dana Iova-Koga

Part of Nature


Shinichi and Dana Iova-Koga…. came together through a mutual love for connecting the dancing body with nature. Dana graduated from NYU’s Experimental Theater Wing, and Shinichi was the son of…

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